In the begining there was the word…

…and God knew that if that word wasnt catchy enough then what followed would go unread. Band names, brand names, advertising, prosletysing, opening lines and opening lyrics all live or die by this equal opportunities sword. I regularly write off bands, authors and websites for their poor first impression so i guess its only fair that my opening salvo should lack any indication of direction or originality. Not quite knowing what i intend to post or if there will be any consistant theme i intend to make my mission for the moment to write about “life,the universe and everything”. Given my equal inexpertise in each of these fields i expect it will soon boil down to “my life, what i can reference from those more knowledgeable on the universe, and anything”.


One Response to “In the begining there was the word…”

  1. hello! can i interest you in some company brochures?

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