Wont somebody think of the children?! Please.?. Anyone?

Ever wonder what would happen if only the sign makers turned up to a protest? Congratulations if you imagined rows of forlorn looking placards propped against a wall somehow managing to hide behind each other out of sheer embarassment. These protesters outside Dail Eireann bemoaning the passage of the civil partnership bill may have felt a tad overprepared. Unfortunately for them, this only extended to the quantity and not quality of their signage.

Borrowing heavily from the tea party movement of the US, they engaged in complicated doublespeak by calling out “the media” for the lack of coverage of the protest (a mixed blessing it would seem), while simultaneously telling the government to concentrate on issues that are more worrying to the Irish people. May I impolitely suggest that they combine their own advise and concentrate on protesting some more worrying issues.

I’m always intrigued at how someone can claim to be standing up for their rights by demanding that those same rights be denied to other people. These people were the spoiled little brats for whom ice cream tasted far better if no other kids had it. Not only this, the miserable gits want to lecture the other kids on how delicious and unique the ice-cream is and how they feel they deserve it more than any one else because… well I don’t know their reasons because those kids generally had ice-cream in their hair at this stage and frankly the protesters should too.

Ditch the conspiracy theories and vague threats to elected official you cranks. You think the passage of a weak civil partnership bill could bring down this government? Maybe you havent noticed what the newspapers have been wasting their time covering these past three years? You know: destroyed pensions, employment and wage freezes, cuts to social services, mortgaging away the future of the country… the little things. The sodomite takeover of the country is the last thing on their minds. Or was that your point?

Also, isn’t “nourish sodomy” the most intriguing combination of words you’ve ever seen. Somewhere a punk rock band is kicking itself. And probably liking it

video via joe my god


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