Video Poetry

These kinds of videos are the reason I love the internet. I will gladly spend hours trawling through sites of lukewarm content if the reward is to come across gems like these.

(These three actually came quite easily and from red hot sites.

Reddit, BIOTV and The Daily What)


First up is a Kafkaesque offering from the bowels of some faceless sorting office. The anthropomorphised box has none of the freedom of the plastic bags of American Beauty and more recent Werner Herzog narration fame but is nevertheless eerily alive. It is confined by its captors who watch its sisyphus like progress with mute indifference. The backrooms of blunt-metaphors-for-your-life-R-us perhaps?

This genre of videos are far more light hearted and for my money they’re some of the purest art forms in our pre-apocalyptic times. People with simple quirky ideas following them to their strange and beautiful conclusions. I’m thinking LED sheep, the Mario Brothers theme tune played with bottles and a remote controlled car, BMX Guitar Hero, etc etc. Each a work of art for no advantage except the exhileration of sharing an idea.

And then there’s Vimeo. Always, always, stepping it up a gear in terms of content and quality. The Oscars should introduce a dedicated award category or risk fading into obscurity beneath the volume of joy on this site alone. Just look at that earthy grainy cut of genius! I need a lie down.


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