My secret is out

If you want to be a person of influence, or if you want to lead, or for that matter if you want to succeed, start reading. These days, you have less competition than your parents had, or their parents for that matter. If you read as few as fifty books, you’ll be considered a genius. Subscribe to the Economist and read a handful of articles each week and your friends will wonder when you intend to run for congress. Turn off your television and read two books a week next year and you’ll be counseling the Pope or the President. It’s true what I learned all those years ago: Readers are leaders.

Donald Miller

via Az Spot


2 Responses to “My secret is out”

  1. Ruth L. McFarland Says:

    I am a very slow reader and have to plow through many lines so they don’t jump out of sequence. Tri-focals have helped some. Have finished lots of fluff so that is faster. Next weeks loan will be a ‘slow’ read turn and may take two weeks to read but I WILL finish it. Studying book of Proverbs and wish Mr. Obama would read it and apply to his actions!

    • pictureplane Says:

      I have literally no idea what you are trying to say. Wait, that’s a bit harsh. I get the gist of it. Proverbs are all well and good but I’m not sure how applicable they are to complex socio-economic problems. Read around a bit I’d suggest. There are many resources on the internet that are written in plain english that may take the edge off your feelings for an honest politician (I’m convinced) who’s working under difficult circumstances. I dont think you need to do your president the disservice of calling him Mr. either.

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