They hate our freedoms

Important head hanging update: Shouldnt have posted this without briefly checking it out I suppose. Turns out Regan is meeting with Mujahideen and the not the Taliban and that delicious quote was made in reference to the Contras.

However, the quote was in the same breath as praise for Afghan freedom fighters so isnt a complete fabrication of the essence of it and the picture does point to a side of Regan and american forieign policy that many Americans would be unaware of these days.

And since the Iran Contra affair may in the near future be brought down from the shelves and dusted off for references it shows an interesting memetic convergence of different hens coming home to roost maybe?

Anyway, enough of the bullshit, I’m going to leave up the picture as a reminder to myself that I’m not immune to confirmation bias and lets leave it at that.

via reddit/politics


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