Mandelbrot in the sky with fractals

There have been many tender obituaries written for Benoit Mandelbrot in recent days across a range of newspapers. To try to top these with my inferior knowledge of higher mathematics would at the very least make me seem foolish, so I’ll fall back on the well trod route of parody-alt-rock-mathematical music. To be brief, he pioneered one of the few areas of modern mathematics that is both awe inspiring and understandable to the lay person with an equation that can model mountains, clouds and other complex natural forms by building on simple priciples to create breathtaking complexity. To quote from the video above “You’re one bad ass fucking fractal”. And for a sample of said badassishness check out the mindbender below. If the last frame you see were to be actual size then the first would display an expanse bigger than the entire universe. If that puts it into perspective or not.

Mandelbrot Fractal Set Trip To e214 HD from teamfresh

edit: Add this tribute from Dangerous Minds

via AZ spot


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