Rough videos from the student protests in Dublin, November 4th

Amazing footage from yesterdays protests in Dublin city centre. Some of the stuff with the batons and horses charging the crowd is a bit tough to watch. More videos after the jump


Immediately above is video from right in front of the riot Gardai (is that what we call them?) A girl at the front gets a pretty hefty beating from one of them. It needs to be stressed that the footage in both videos while shocking may not show the full context of what is nonetheless a heavy handed response from the Gardai.


via Edufactory Ireland

Worst video yet. Watch as things escalate with the arrival of the riot squad at around 2:15 culminating in a girl being dumped by a guard on the pavement at 3:00. Its not clear if she was unconscious when she was being carried or if it happened from being dropped but in any case there is no way she should have been put there like that. Why didn’t the first guard take her to the medical personnel? Fucker at 3:56 is out of line too. He features in the other two videos as well i think.


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  1. […] Start of the Spanish spring? By pictureplane We’ve all seen so many of these videos by now that we’re becoming a little desensitised. I wonder how we’ll feel though as they migrate from more foreign lands closer and closer to home. Tahrir Square looked a lot like this at times but we’re not that familiar with Egytians and besides, their secret police were notoriously heavy handed; Athens protesters have a bad reputation for kicking it off anyway though they do look a bit more familiar; however, now that we’re seeing it happen to young spanish students that you’re more likely to see sometime during the summer its starting to look a lot like home. […]

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