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Flyover of NewYork City

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Google street just got served

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This is a development on the new Bing goodies from the augmented reality lecture that I posted about back in February. Looks like a ton of features that wern’t even mentioned back then are enough by themselves to make google street view look a bit primitive.

As usual however, some clever redditor knows about yet further advanced technology before it gets big.Goddamn techno-hipsters. Check out 3d stockholm while you’re here.

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We have let down our ancestors

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Great series of postcards from 1900 that imagine what the world would be like by the 21st century

Desire in Detroit

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Desire lines crisscross the emptying city grid

“what about a physical space that no longer resembles its intended design, a city where tens of thousands of homes have been abandoned, burned, and buried in their own basements? While actual roads and sidewalks crumble with each season of freezing and thawing, Detroiters have taken it upon themselves to create new paths, in their own small way working to create a city that better suits their needs.”

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California City

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“California City had its origins in 1958 when real estate developer and sociology professor Nat Mendelsohn purchased 80,000 acres (320 km2) of Mojave Desert land with the aim of master-planning California’s next great city. He designed his model city, which he hoped would one day rival Los Angeles in size, around a Central Park with a 26-acre (11 ha) artificial lake. Growth did not happen anywhere close to what he expected. To this day a vast grid of crumbling paved roads, scarring vast stretches of the Mojave desert, intended to lay out residential blocks, extends well beyond the developed area of the city. A single look at satellite photos shows the extent of the scarred desert and how it stakes its claim to being California’s 3rd largest geographic city, 34th largest in the US.”
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Take a look

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