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Improved bicycle safety

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Pretty nifty gadget for making bikes locked to lamp posts more secure. The video is in German but i think the language of hypothesise, test, analyse and repeat is prety universal. For the short on time among us, skip to 120 for the (short) demo


We put bed in your desk so you can sleep while you work

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Shelob awaits you

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Come into my parlor said Viennese/Croatian design collective For Use/Numen to the mob. This exhibit in an old stock exchange building in Vienna is made entirely of packaging tape. Nearly 117,000 feet worth. As you can see below, the structure is strong enough to support people climbing inside it. The exhibition runs only until today but if anyone is around Frankfurt in September, they’ll be making another in a public space in the city centre.

Click here for more pictures and information in the original article by Jill Singer for Fast company

Beyond petroleum?

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From a competition by greenpeace to reimagine the bp logo in light of the recent gulf oil spill

We have let down our ancestors

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Great series of postcards from 1900 that imagine what the world would be like by the 21st century

Holy exploding lampshades Batman!

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German designer Ingo Maurer presented ‘bang boom’ at milan design week 2010.
The hanging lamp is based around previous work, with the addition of comic typography and animation, constructed with paper

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DIY Chair

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The ‘Do Hit Chair’ is a creation by Dutch designer Marijn van der Poll. It’s a metal box which you can shape into a chair with the hammer provided. You can shape the box into whatever form you choose it to be. After a few minutes or hours of hard work you become the co-designer of the ‘Do Hit Chair.’ Prize? Around $6,000

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(Video @ link)